Fun Friday!

I decided to liven things up this friday and post about something more entertaining!

Here are some examples of what NOT to do. I have long believed that social media marketing is either your best friend or your worst enemy.  These companies probably would agree with the latter.

Social Media Fails


Photography Marketing

The explosion of the internet in the early 2000′s and its settlement into our everyday lives has impacted countless professions. Photography has definitely been one of those professions. I recently picked up a digital camera for the first time with the intent to learn and develop skills as a photographer. As I began my journey I realized that the way photographers market themselves can be very erratic. I thought that because of the connection digital photography has with the internet that those two worlds would mesh quite well but sadly many great photographers get lost because they don’t properly market themselves.

Heres a video with some great tips. Its long but quite worth it if your looking to venture into the world of digital photography or have been in for some time but looking for a fresh perspective on how to get your work out there.

Marketing in 2014

Marketing in 2014

Although we are already well into 2014 this article highlights some growing trends. Images, entertainment, content. These are all words being frequently used by the  marketing industry when talking about the future. I would however sum this up in one word.


In business that often has a different connotation but here I am talking about the need to broadcast a unified message across all media channels. In addition to that the message has to be concise. Sell yourself in a few words or pictures and that’s it because honestly, that’s all you need.

Begining Google Adwords

As I prepare myself for my upcoming venture into Google Adwords I thought it would be helpful to post some information that has added some clarity to Adwords for me.

To piggyback off of my last post, although tackling Adwords seems like a daunting task the first step in every difficult journey is to familiarize yourself with the landscape. I am confident that with the help of blogs like Kissmetrics we can all conquer the Beast of Adwords.

Conquering Google Analytics

With the upcoming Google adwords challenge here is a great post about properly utilizing the awesome power of Google Analytics. What this blog really provides to someone who might be new to GA is a basic understanding of what you should be looking at to truly analyze the success of your webpage.

Google Analytics may seem like a bunch of jargon right now but the more you familiarize yourself with it now the better you will be able to analyze your clients web-presence