The future is neigh. Pong players beware.

Very few can deny the dexterity, speed and fast calculations that is required to become a ping pong playing champion. KUKA’s robotics decided that this was a perfect way to showcase their nimble robotics. This is a perfect example of using predetermined notions about one thing and applying those same properties to another by association. When I now think of nimble robotics, and who doesn’t often, I will think of KUKA


Jeff Gordan’s sweet revenge.

Pepsi MAX has shown that you can have fun with fans and pay homage to past advertisements. In this installment Pepsi brings back a fan favorite, the Jeff Gordan test drive and folks, Its funny.  As always, a tip of the ol’ hat to you Pepsi.

The Creative Print Trilogy

I have been noticing quite a few cheeky print ad’s that debuted in 2013. We looked at a surprising cat food that challenged your expectations, a Mercedes ad that used biology to bridge consumer archetype gaps and now I give you with our third installment of print ads that catch my eye. I present you with the completion of the ad trilogy. This one is certainly shocking and thats why it works. Land Rover kudos.


Reimagining sensitive subjects with humor

What do you do when you have to advertise a potentially sensitive subject without rattling too many bones? I presented you earlier in the blog with a Taiwanese life insurance commercial that used emotion to get over that hump. Here is another great example of how a much different emotion, humor, can be used to achieve similar results. It got me talking at least.


Thai commercial strikes again!

A few posts ago I linked a commercial that was steeped in emotional appeals. After dredging the internet like every good college student should, I discovered another, newer commercial. This is by the same company so they must be quite committed to an emotional ad campaign. My take? It must be working on some level. At least one person is blogging about them, thousands of miles away.

Emotional Thai Commercial

This Thai Insurance agency is appealing to the emotional side of us all with this commercial. I think this is a great example of how an insurance company can make something like life insurance appealing when it would otherwise be a dry subject matter by using emotional messages to first grab and direct our attention.