Continuing on.

When I started blogging I definitely thought this was going to be a limited time thing, mainly because it was for a college assignment and I am a notorious slacker, I admit. I certainly didn’t put any faith in the claim that it was somehow therapeutic but for some reason, here I am after all of those preconceived notions. I accredit it to the fact that always liked writing but I just hated writing more than a few sentences. Otherwise you had to plan things out in advance, the structure of what your writing. Blogs appeal to me because I don’t need to write more than a few witty (at least to me…) sentences about something cool that I experienced in marketing and advertising. ¬†Whether I am getting some therapeutic release or just enjoy writing, at least for now I will continue writing.

So whats next? Check out this hilarious video from HBO GO. We have all been there and rue the day.


The power of perspective.

For my last “assigned” post I wanted to end with an advert that was special to me. I have often sat in wonderment thinking about the differences between each living organisms perspective and the role that has on their interactions with the world. Todays advertisement plays on that very notion, the notion of individuality and the significance that it carries. The reason we are here today able to sit and think about marketing and wonder about what lies beyond the stars is that very notion of unique perspectives. So I leave you with that, each perspective is important solely because it is the only one of its kind in existence, and that is a beautiful thought.

With a little hard work

Waitrose is a grocer in the UK and they want to share the message that with a little hard work and a sense of ownership you can make magical things happen. That is a good message to apply to creative marketing, take ownership if your work. Be prideful in the job that you do because you see value in it. Bravo Waitrose.

A boy with his carrot.

Reach Beyond the Stars.

Have you ever experienced that child like wonderment when daydreaming about what lies beyond the stars? As an adult I can safely say that I still do and so should you. Tesla Cars would agree. This home made advertisements not only shows that big budget isn’t necessary to transmit a powerful message. It also shows that some of a companies greatest resources are right under its noses. Its fan base of course.