Continuing on.

When I started blogging I definitely thought this was going to be a limited time thing, mainly because it was for a college assignment and I am a notorious slacker, I admit. I certainly didn’t put any faith in the claim that it was somehow therapeutic but for some reason, here I am after all of those preconceived notions. I accredit it to the fact that always liked writing but I just hated writing more than a few sentences. Otherwise you had to plan things out in advance, the structure of what your writing. Blogs appeal to me because I don’t need to write more than a few witty (at least to me…) sentences about something cool that I experienced in marketing and advertising.  Whether I am getting some therapeutic release or just enjoy writing, at least for now I will continue writing.

So whats next? Check out this hilarious video from HBO GO. We have all been there and rue the day.


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