Begining Google Adwords

As I prepare myself for my upcoming venture into Google Adwords I thought it would be helpful to post some information that has added some clarity to Adwords for me.

To piggyback off of my last post, although tackling Adwords seems like a daunting task the first step in every difficult journey is to familiarize yourself with the landscape. I am confident that with the help of blogs like Kissmetrics we can all conquer the Beast of Adwords.


Conquering Google Analytics

With the upcoming Google adwords challenge here is a great post about properly utilizing the awesome power of Google Analytics. What this blog really provides to someone who might be new to GA is a basic understanding of what you should be looking at to truly analyze the success of your webpage.

Google Analytics may seem like a bunch of jargon right now but the more you familiarize yourself with it now the better you will be able to analyze your clients web-presence